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French goods delivered to your door
Anywhere in the world


Get your French -and European- favorite goods delivered by ZappBox to any country outside of the EU and enjoy a direct refund of the Value Added Tax (VAT) you paid on those goods

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Many e-commerce websites in France (FNAC, Cdiscount,, etc.) do not ship goods outside of the European Union. Besides, those who do ship overseas often do not deduct the VAT (Value Added Tax) from their prices (although they are entitled to do so if the goods are shipped outside of the territory of the EU).

As a customer of these websites, if you live outside of the EU, you are either left with no possibility to buy the goods you want. Or, if the e-merchant ships overseas, you often have to pay taxes twice, once in France when you order the goods (that's the VAT), and a second time upon arrival of the goods in your country of residence (in the form of 'duties and taxes').

Not anymore!
With ZappBox, upon reception of your online purchases in our warehouse in France, we will "forward" your goods anywhere in the world. And if that "anywhere" is outside of the EU, we will refund you the VAT you paid on those goods.


You only have 3 little steps to follow


Before shopping

Create your ZappBox account for free
and fill in your profile.


When shopping

Order goods on any French website and request invoices addressed to ZappTax. Get the goods delivered to our warehouse in France.



You will get notified once we receive your parcel. Order the final shipping of your goods to any country in the world.

If you ask us to ship the goods to a destination outside of the EU, we will directly deduct the VAT you paid on those goods from your shipping cost!
So with a bit of luck, you could get the shipping for free 😊.
And if there is any VAT left after this, we will transfer it to you instantly!

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